Hi, I'm Julie. The girl behind the blog. Middle Maintenance is primarily for me, by me. A creative-writing-outlet-daily-lifestyle-blog-of-sorts, where I can post about things I love, like style, interior design, food, travel and history. 

Middle Maintenance explores the happy middle ground that lies between high maintenance and low maintenance! 

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content & opinions: All content and opinions expressed on Middle Maintenance belong strictly to myself. Middle Maintenance does not benefit or receive compensation from any brands, products or individuals, unless expressly noted. I do my absolute best to properly credit and source all photos and content not of my orignal creation. Middle Maintenance reserves the right to moderate and delete inappropriate or negative comments on this blog. If you're feeling negative, may I suggest you look at this, or this or eat a cupcake.  

grammar: This blog is about a lot of things – pretty spaces, beautiful clothing and delicious food – to name a few. It is not about grammar or its proper use. While I will try my utmost to properly employ our great language, I am much more concerned with having fun and sharing great content. Also, I generally despise capital letters.

abbreviating: On this blog, we (that would be me and my likeminded reader-friends) are pretty avid users of “the abbrev,” meaning, we use lots of abbreviations.

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