Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wedding Prep

Did I already casually mention I am getting married? Well I ammmm. And I am pretty damn excited about it!

My excitement is twofold: 

1) Not that I've totally been dreaming about and planning my wedding my entire life, but I've totally been dreaming about and planning my wedding my entire life.

2) I'm marrying this incredibly funny, generous, thoughtful, hard-working, fun-loving person. It makes me so proud that he will be my husband, and I am so overwhelmed that he wants me to be his wife. (Seriously, though. I can be crazy. I'm lucky I locked this down.)

While we were dating, I had a little bit of time to think about our hypothetical wedding. By a little bit of time, I mean five years. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but having been a bridesmaid 7 times, a maid-of-honor 2 times and a guest at countless weddings over the last several years, I had a good idea of my ideal wedding based on season, as well as things I definitely do want (videographer) and things I don't care about (cake). (Let me clarify, I care deeply about cake. But I don't care about having a big cake to cut while almost no one is paying attention.) So once we had a venue and a date, it was relatively easy for me to decide on my "scheme" for this blessed day. Below is an exclusive, curated sneak peek at my private Pinterest Board. I do hope all seven of you will be able to keep it a secret. 

I would say season and venue were my biggest factors in determining what look/feel I wanted. Ultimately I want a very timeless colors as the foundation: ivory, black, gray, gold and silver, with seasonal pops of burgundy, wine, magenta, marsala and sage, which compliments the late-September date. 

Color Inspiration

I am making good progress on major vendors and decisions...up next, dress shopping with my mom and sisters before Thanksgiving!