Thursday, November 10, 2016

Master Bedroom Scheming

Did I mention I am getting married!? Well, surprise. I am! Obviously there are 8,947 things to think about when you're planning your wedding, so naturally I've decided to focus on what's most practical. Decorating my imaginary future marital home! #priorities 

Below is a little brainstorm using several pieces (dresser, lamps) that I already own, some new bedding that I plan to register for and some new pieces. That bed is a manifestation of my unfulfilled childhood dreams of having a canopy bed, and can you go wrong with greek key drapes? I think not. Lots of textures and fabrics that are primarily neutral with pops of blues and greens continues to be my M.O. I love that the bed, dresser, end tables, drapes and bedding are neutral and classic. It would be easy to refresh the room with new art, lamps and pillows down the road. 

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