Monday, November 14, 2016

Coat Weather

I'm not sure how the weather has been in your neck of the woods, but it has been downright warm throughout October and November in Cincinnati. We've had a few chilly mornings, but by no means did you need a coat to stay warm throughout the day. Finally, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am happy to report that some festive holiday weather is upon us. As we get closer to the holidays, I just need cold weather. I want to get bundled up and enjoy all the merriment of the season. (I'll be singing a different tune in January, I'm sure.) 

The only problem with getting bundled up and enjoying the merriment of the season? My coat game. It is the opposite of strong. I mean, I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I've had my current black wool coat. It is beyond dry cleaning. It is just worn out. So, I find myself in my typical champagne-taste-beer-budget-conundrum. Why is every coat I like on Pinterest $400+? More importantly, why am not rich so I can buy said coat? Some questions just don't have answers. 

Below is a round up of coats I have my eye on, and all can be purchased for less than $200. I'm guessing with holiday or Cyber Monday sales, many will get even cheaper. I really need to fill a wardrobe hole right now, so I am looking for black, tan or gray. But many of these come in a variety of colors! 

1 - I like the traditional elements of the this coat with the trendy asymmetrical buttons. Also a 2-in-1 coat, as it looks totally different with the collar unbuttoned and folded down.

2 - I love this simple chic silhouette. (I worry this would run the risk of being very boxy on me, which is why I gravitate towards belted or darted-waist coats.)

3 - I love this color and the dramatic collar. Oh, and the price.

4 - Classic silhouette but modern leather detail and gorgeous bouclé texturing. This is a top contender. I think I prefer the black

5 - Another fabulous bouclé option. It is particularly stunning in the blush color, but I worry that the buttons look cheap. Still, the classic double-breasted is a truly timeless look and something about bouclé really elevates the style for me. 

6 - Great statement collar, and asymmetrical, single-button closure. The leather trim on the black version is a nice touch too. 

7 - This Via Spiga number has outstanding detail with its the gold zippers, leather tassels and waistline leather detailing. 

8 - Another 2-in-1 coat, which looks completely different with the collar up vs. down. Nice leather details take this up a notch. 

9 - A beautiful bargain for the quality and details. Gold hardware and faux leather trim give this an edge, but it's still quite versatile. Another great bargain. 

Ok, so which should I ask Santa for? And where do you shop for coats? I obviously haven't wasted enough time pouring over the online coat selection of every retailer in America, and would like to keep looking to make sure I've adequately evaluated all my options!

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