Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

On Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for my cousin at my home. I shared some of the shower inspiration a few weeks back, and I'm thrilled to say the day was a great success. The weather was beautiful, I didn't mess up the food (phew) and the decor came together better than I had hoped. Most importantly, I think the (adorable) mama-to-be and her growing peanut felt the love from our family! 

banners crafted by myself and my sister Kate, wreath borrowed from my mom, janky front door courtesy of my landlord

I cleared off my desk, covered it with a table cloth and used it as the food table.

I accessorized the table with a framed invitation, simple florals that matched the color scheme and the matching serving plates and napkins. I placed the utensils inside of .99 cent "take-out" containers found at Michael's.

The banners inside featured scanned baby pictures of the mom and dad to be! All papers were purchased in the scrapbook area at Michael's and patterned hole punches were used to cut the shapes.

invite + plates, napkins, utensils

a delicious assortment of cupcakes from Cincy's Sweeterie also adorned the food table and featured custom cupcake toppers made from the same papers featured on the banners. On the top tier we wrote the cupcake flavors, so guests would know which to indulge in!

a veggie tray was available for guests to nibble on before lunch was served

The day's menu included a veggie tray, chicken salad (croissants optional), pasta salad, fruit salad and caesar salad.  Unfortunately this is the only pic that was snapped of the luncheon spread, but you get the idea!

Another banner and some extra florals adorned the bookcase in the dining room.

An adorable diaper cake was crafted by my co-host. Too cute! We asked guests to guess the baby's gender, anticipated arrival date and a name. It was fun to read through everyone's guesses. It was a pretty even split on the gender - I guess we'll find out in July!

I pushed my dining table against  the wall in the dining room to make more room for guests to walk from the kitchen (where the drink station was set up) to the living room (the main gathering space). You can also see a sneak peak of my new curtains here!

The mantle banner was my favorite! An embroidered onesie (so tiny!) was framed by pics of the mom and dad to be, and all were affixed with mini clothes pins.

Many thanks to my duplex neighbor, dear friend/soul sister Jenny for lending me her dining room chairs for the event. The six extra seats were much needed and the white chairs with gray and yellow ikat fabric match the decor for the party (and my home's decor) perfectly!

My beautiful cousin C!

The mama and definitely-not-old-enough-to-be-a-grandmother to-be!

My Mimi hand quilts a quilt for every baby and wedding in our family. C's baby quilt was in this same "tumbling blocks" quilting pattern, and now her baby will have one that matches. It will be quilted together soon - such a special and priceless gift! 


We only played one game. We polled the dad-to-be with a variety of baby related questions and C had to guess his answers. 

My favorite question/response? 
Q: What part of parenthood are you most anxious about?
A: The delivery room....and college. 
Ha! Sounds about right, no? 

Overall, it was a great success! 
Now we just have a few more months and we can meet sweet baby M!