Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tiny Tour

I've enjoyed following Jordan Ferney and her adorable family from Paris back to San Francisco, but I may have thought they were a wee bit cray to move into a 500 square foot apartment with two young boys. No surprise, Jordan and her hubby created and stylish and functional space. What is surprising - and inspiring - is that they don't really miss their stuff or the extra space. Here are some photos of the living room from the unveil of her apartment, which appeared on A Cup of Jo last week. Be sure to click through to see how the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom turned out. I love her  boys' room! 

Of moving into a small space, Jordan says, "Returning from France after a year abroad was a huge lesson. Our stuff had been in storage, and I realized there were 10 things that I was happy to see, but everything else I didn’t miss it at all. I was like, ugh, get rid of everything."

They have a fiddle fig leaf tree!

What to you think? 
Could your family of four make a tiny space work?

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