Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Wreaths

Happy Monday. Are you awake yet? This has to be the worst Monday of the year. 

I'm (semi) embarrassed to admit that my holiday wreath is still on my front door. Pic not forthcoming. Less because the wreath is embarrassing and more because the curb appeal on my rental is non-existent. I think it was acceptable until Feb 28th (since an evergreen wreath really falls into the generic "wintry" category, right??). But after major hints of spring this weekend, I'm looking for a new wreath that will carry me through spring and summer! 

I love the look of a boxwood wreath, so I think that is definitely the route I want to go. There are lots faux and preserved options I'm looking into. 

Don't they just say, "spring"?  

Does anyone have a boxwood wreath?
What is adorning your door this spring?

1 comment:

  1. Julie, I have been having the same dilemma! I just took my holiday wreath down in Feb too...I feel like my front door is so bare! I will definitely look into a boxwood wreath. I like the look for spring!