Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RE: Stacked

Remember when I told you about this Ballard Design beauty that Santa was going to bring me? Well it's been in my apartment for about two months, looking pretty. I'm definitely not done styling it, but I figured if I wait until it's "finished" you might never see it. So here you are! 

As a reminder, here is how Ballard styled it:

Here she is in all her iPhone photographed glory in my dining room. I obviously went for a hybrid bar/buffet/bookcase type of look. I'm pretty happy with the upper shelves, but the bottom two shelves still need some work. 

I spy a hint of my Moroccan rug.

These gold pig bookends from CB2 make me irrationally happy.

Obviously I drink so much fine liquor. Like Bailey's and Kahlua. (In my defense there is some nice-ish vodka in the freezer.)

FYI, that green artichoke is my all-time favorite Home Goods purchase. 

Once my curtains and newly-matted artwork are hung, I'll be ready for a larger "reveal" (you're waiting with baited breath, I know) of the dining room/office. (I'm a multi-tasker like that.)

So, thoughts? Concerns? Comments?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have a goldish artichoke I got from Homegoods that I love, too! I am still working on styling my bookcases in the guest room and your artful eye is always welcome to weight in!

  2. WOW. This looks awesome. Love that it's functional and pretty. Stealing this idea ;)