Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting the treatment

My dining room windows (stellar pics once again courtesy of my iPhone) are definitely in need of some special treatment.

SO my objectives were two-fold. First and foremost, get some lovely curtain panels. But also, some curtain panels that will tie together the living room and the dining room, which open to one another.

I purchased this curtain rod and curtain rings from Lowes. 

I had already purchased pillows made of this fabric from HomeGoods (a great buy), so when I was searching Etsy for curtain panels and I saw a listing for custom panels in the same ikat, I was sold! (The shop, Only Linens, has excellent, amazing feedback, which made me feel good about ordering them.)

In summary, once my panels arrive, my window will be looking something like this:
Just call me the photoshop goddess...

Here are some snaps of details from my living room, including the pillows. Fingers crossed it will all come together. (excuse the wonky iPhone lighting)
Thoughts? Concerns? Judgmental comments?

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  1. Considering the prices of fabric I have found recently for panels (MR's mother is making us drapes for all the rooms in our new house as a "housewarming gift" you found a pretty good deal! Can't wait to see them up!