Friday, March 29, 2013

Casual Friday

Welcome to Casual Friday: Easter Sunday edition! I'm so excited for this weekend (baby shower + easter celebrations). Here's a cute Easter Sunday ensemble I would love to sport to church and a fancy brunch. 

What will you wear on Easter? Dressing up? Going casual?
(Real life: I have no idea what I will wear, but I can tell you I will be recycling from closet. It's so Kate Middleton of me, no?)

I hope the Easter Bunny (coughmomareyoulisteningcough) remembers that I gave up ice cream for Lent and that a pint of Greaters (or Jeni's!) finds its way into my Easter basket.

Here's to Easter treats and family time and fun dresses!

Happy Easter! 

P.S. check back next week for a baby shower & apartment updates!

1 comment:

  1. That dress is SO adorable (and at a pretty good price!). Have a great Easter - I hope you do get some Greater's (I went to college in Ohio and miss that stuff so much!)