Tuesday, March 19, 2013

all clear

Remember way back, oh, last Thursday? To jog your member, I did a post about how much I love clear glass lamp bases. Fast-forward to Sunday, when I spiced up my Target run with the purchase of this Threshold beauty. (sidenote: Threshold makes Target runs 10x more dangerous, no?)

Here's what I was working with before (true life, dorm room lamps in my living room)

Old: Target dorm room lamp strictly for lighting purposes. Too large frame...to hide the dorm lamp? Really can't be justified. 

I love how the new lamp looks with my grandparents' old spindle side table. I think it modernizes it and makes it work more within the room. And because I'm a glutton for home goods, (and because obvi my janky frame sitch was not working) I also threw a funky, fresh Threshold frame in my cart. I'm not sorry about it at all. 

This sneak-peak was posted on Instagram on Sunday. 

Overall, muuuuch improved.

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