Friday, March 29, 2013

Casual Friday

Welcome to Casual Friday: Easter Sunday edition! I'm so excited for this weekend (baby shower + easter celebrations). Here's a cute Easter Sunday ensemble I would love to sport to church and a fancy brunch. 

What will you wear on Easter? Dressing up? Going casual?
(Real life: I have no idea what I will wear, but I can tell you I will be recycling from closet. It's so Kate Middleton of me, no?)

I hope the Easter Bunny (coughmomareyoulisteningcough) remembers that I gave up ice cream for Lent and that a pint of Greaters (or Jeni's!) finds its way into my Easter basket.

Here's to Easter treats and family time and fun dresses!

Happy Easter! 

P.S. check back next week for a baby shower & apartment updates!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

can it

Cottage and Vine blogger Rene recently offered tips for avoiding the "room in a can" look. I LOVE this post! Too often I see rooms that seem like they were picked out of a magazine to populate a living room, bedroom or (insert room). While there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog, my favorite rooms have always had a collected, personalized feel. 


 To create yourself some gorgeous spaces, check out Rene's tips. Who doesn't want a room that makes you feel so GOOD:

My favorite tips? Avoid matching sets and mix old with new!

Which tips to you agree with?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tiny Tour

I've enjoyed following Jordan Ferney and her adorable family from Paris back to San Francisco, but I may have thought they were a wee bit cray to move into a 500 square foot apartment with two young boys. No surprise, Jordan and her hubby created and stylish and functional space. What is surprising - and inspiring - is that they don't really miss their stuff or the extra space. Here are some photos of the living room from the unveil of her apartment, which appeared on A Cup of Jo last week. Be sure to click through to see how the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom turned out. I love her  boys' room! 

Of moving into a small space, Jordan says, "Returning from France after a year abroad was a huge lesson. Our stuff had been in storage, and I realized there were 10 things that I was happy to see, but everything else I didn’t miss it at all. I was like, ugh, get rid of everything."

They have a fiddle fig leaf tree!

What to you think? 
Could your family of four make a tiny space work?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Wish List

Can you believe Easter is this Sunday!? If I hadn't eaten ice cream* in almost 40 days, I would hardly believe it myself. In addition to the joyful, religious celebration of the day, there is also the matter of a well-stocked Easter basket (priorities, right?). Here's a little wish list of some sweet, fun, treats that I'm hoping the bunny hops & drops into my basket. 

4. Cadbury Mini-Eggs (otherwise known was CRACKbury Eggs)

What are your favorite Easter treats (edible or otherwise)!?

*Note to self: Giving up ice cream for Lent and then filling the void with baked goods and chocolate is not really a sacrifice. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy chic

Jonathan Adler recently launched a line with JC Penney - and you can afford it! I've long been an admirer of Adler's style and use of color. I think "happy chic" (the name of the new line) pretty much sums it up. You'll see Adler's signature uses of pattern and color on everything from tableware to bedding and everything in between - and at prices that make you say, "add to cart!" instead of, "I wish." 

Here are some of my favorite picks! 

As if that wasn't enough to make you happy - or your home chic - here are a few inspiration pics of some of Jonathan's iconic spaces. 

Check out the collection for yourself to see these pieces and many more fabulous options! 
What do you want to take home?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

all clear

Remember way back, oh, last Thursday? To jog your member, I did a post about how much I love clear glass lamp bases. Fast-forward to Sunday, when I spiced up my Target run with the purchase of this Threshold beauty. (sidenote: Threshold makes Target runs 10x more dangerous, no?)

Here's what I was working with before (true life, dorm room lamps in my living room)

Old: Target dorm room lamp strictly for lighting purposes. Too large hide the dorm lamp? Really can't be justified. 

I love how the new lamp looks with my grandparents' old spindle side table. I think it modernizes it and makes it work more within the room. And because I'm a glutton for home goods, (and because obvi my janky frame sitch was not working) I also threw a funky, fresh Threshold frame in my cart. I'm not sorry about it at all. 

This sneak-peak was posted on Instagram on Sunday. 

Overall, muuuuch improved.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Casual Friday

Welcome to Casual Friday, reader-friends! TGIF! I thought I'd focus on some spring style steals this week - courtesy of Old Navy. A friend of mine was sporting an adorbs military jacket from ON a few weeks ago and then vmac+cheese highlighted a tunic from ON this week, prompting me to hit up my local store to check it out. I was totally impressed with their basics for spring. And yes, I totally picked up a gingham button down and the military jacket. Whoopsie. 

(so cute in person...failure-to-purchase remorse)

Some great finds, no?

I highly recommend going to your local Old Navy to see everything in person and try it on. Sometimes I'm an XS (don't hate it) and sometimes I'm a M, so sizing can be a crap-shoot.

Will you be hitting up Old Navy this weekend soon? (Let's be honest. This weekend is reserved for drinking green beer - while wearing my new dark green military jacket!)

Wishing you all the luck 'o the Irish + many Irish blessings!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Look for Less

I adore the look of clear glass lamp bases! 

(I especially love them as a modern touch with more traditional furnishings!)

Crate&Barrel's Zak Table Lamp is a gorgeous option, but if you can't make the committment at that price point, Target's Laura Glass Table Lamp is a great option too. 

(Can we talked about the horrible quality of the photos of Target's home goods online? Every lamp that was clear glass looked gray like this. Rest assured - it's clear!)

So what's the verdict? Would you splurge or save on this look?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting the treatment

My dining room windows (stellar pics once again courtesy of my iPhone) are definitely in need of some special treatment.

SO my objectives were two-fold. First and foremost, get some lovely curtain panels. But also, some curtain panels that will tie together the living room and the dining room, which open to one another.

I purchased this curtain rod and curtain rings from Lowes. 

I had already purchased pillows made of this fabric from HomeGoods (a great buy), so when I was searching Etsy for curtain panels and I saw a listing for custom panels in the same ikat, I was sold! (The shop, Only Linens, has excellent, amazing feedback, which made me feel good about ordering them.)

In summary, once my panels arrive, my window will be looking something like this:
Just call me the photoshop goddess...

Here are some snaps of details from my living room, including the pillows. Fingers crossed it will all come together. (excuse the wonky iPhone lighting)
Thoughts? Concerns? Judgmental comments?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Wreaths

Happy Monday. Are you awake yet? This has to be the worst Monday of the year. 

I'm (semi) embarrassed to admit that my holiday wreath is still on my front door. Pic not forthcoming. Less because the wreath is embarrassing and more because the curb appeal on my rental is non-existent. I think it was acceptable until Feb 28th (since an evergreen wreath really falls into the generic "wintry" category, right??). But after major hints of spring this weekend, I'm looking for a new wreath that will carry me through spring and summer! 

I love the look of a boxwood wreath, so I think that is definitely the route I want to go. There are lots faux and preserved options I'm looking into. 

Don't they just say, "spring"?  

Does anyone have a boxwood wreath?
What is adorning your door this spring?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Shower Inspiration

I am so excited/thrilled/giddy to be co-hosting a baby shower for my cousin C at the end of the month. Her sister (also a Julie!) and I are just thrilled and have carefully planned a menu and other sweet details for the day. The invitations went out a few weeks ago for this gender neutral affair, so now I am in overload mode thinking about furniture placement, desserts and making the day as special as this Mama and bebe deserve!

invites via Invitation Box
Without giving away any details, I wanted to share some inspiration pics with you all! This Pottery Barn kids pillow was the inspiration for the nursery decor, so I decided to focus the colors on green, yellow, gray and white.

sweet alphabet printables in gender neutral hues via

Definitely making some pom-poms via

could you die over this dessert spread!? via

sweet and simple way to create a table runner via

adorbs via

yums via

Have you ever hosted a baby shower? Any tips? Tricks? I'm thinking mine will be a success simply because I'm doing the opposite of this...

Mar. 30th seemed SO far away when we planned this shower - I better get busy!

P.S. If you want to stay up to date on the latest baby shower inspiration, follow my "baby shower" board on Pinterest.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RE: Stacked

Remember when I told you about this Ballard Design beauty that Santa was going to bring me? Well it's been in my apartment for about two months, looking pretty. I'm definitely not done styling it, but I figured if I wait until it's "finished" you might never see it. So here you are! 

As a reminder, here is how Ballard styled it:

Here she is in all her iPhone photographed glory in my dining room. I obviously went for a hybrid bar/buffet/bookcase type of look. I'm pretty happy with the upper shelves, but the bottom two shelves still need some work. 

I spy a hint of my Moroccan rug.

These gold pig bookends from CB2 make me irrationally happy.

Obviously I drink so much fine liquor. Like Bailey's and Kahlua. (In my defense there is some nice-ish vodka in the freezer.)

FYI, that green artichoke is my all-time favorite Home Goods purchase. 

Once my curtains and newly-matted artwork are hung, I'll be ready for a larger "reveal" (you're waiting with baited breath, I know) of the dining room/office. (I'm a multi-tasker like that.)

So, thoughts? Concerns? Comments?