Monday, February 4, 2013

With Love,

Valentine's Day - one of my favorite holidays - is just ten days away. A whole day dedicated to receiving and sharing love? (The color pink and plenty of chocolate don't hurt either.) Pretty awesome. This day always makes me feel so grateful that I have so many people to love and be loved by, and I enjoy sending little notes to tell them just how great I think they are! 

If you thought sending Valentine's was limited to Disney characters or pop stars on postcards (though those are still kind of awesome), think again. Grown-ups can send the love too! Check out some of my faves from PapersourceRifle Paper Co., and Pinwheel Print ShopThese sweet notes are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face and they'll be definitely be feeling the love! 

I maaayyy have a thing for pretty and witty cards - no cheesy poems or gushy, flowery words here! 

(Be sure to check out all of Pinwheel's pick-up line cards! Too clever!)

Helpful tip: to ensure your love-filled wishes arrive at their destinations by February 14th, you should get them in the mail by next Monday morning at the latest! (Bonus points if you use the official USPS Valentine's stamps.)

Random Downton Sidebar (spoliers ahead and yes, I stopped watching the Superbowl to watch Downton. No shame.)
- Is Lady Mary a vampire? Good thing she doesn't live in present day because it's probs hard to find tined moisturizer or foundation in "translucent." 

- PTL Bates is free. I was. so. over. that tired storyline.

- I miss Sybil something fierce but I gotta go with Lord G on the whole "naming the baby after the dead mother is kind of morbid" thing. Perhaps as a middle name? 

- Speaking of fierce, Sasha Fierce and my girl's Destiny's Child were the at halftime. 

- LOVING Lady G standing up to Lord G and having an opinion for once. 

- The Dowager Countess. Enough said.

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