Thursday, February 7, 2013


It's been too long since I over-shared a million pictures of the stuff I didn't buy on my most recent thrifting adventure. So here is a photo dump from last weekend. This was my first time at Duck Creek Antique Mall - easily the closest and most accessible antique mall to my home - but it will not be my last! There were SO many amazing treasures. From furniture pieces to accessories - lots of fun finds! 

fun lime green lamp/side table. just switch that shade out for something more modern. (this was a less neon and more lime in person)

a little vintage Gucci anyone?

I love that it says "Auth. Vintage Gucci Suitcase...that has traveled the world."

Adorable vintage kitchen set in really great condition!

mod squad! there was an awesome selection of mid century modern furniture as well!

beautiful buffet + brass elephant

great bar tray and gold rimmed glasses

Uh-oh. Vintage BB guns.

really unique brass candle sticks & a 50's brass serving cart

technicolor dream books + painted end table

oh hi!

cutesy hutch + more brass candle sticks

some lovely bamboo pieces - this shelf and bar cart are just some TLC and a glossy coat of paint away from being fab!

several mid-century modern rockers were scattered throughout and I love the clean, simples lines of this bar cart (so many bar carts here too!)

orange moroccan side table, great mid-century coffee table

twinsies! two pairs of great  finds! Twin headboards and garden stools!

Ob-sessed with this set of polka dotted glassware. Ob-sessed. 

In fact, I think I might have to go back and get these bad boys. Don't beat me to it.

Wishbone chairs + an amazing pair of stage lights from the stages of victorian Cincinnati. So unique!

funky lighting, anyone?

crazy shelves and little something for you bacon lovers!

I loved these framed apples and this antique map of Cincinnati!

Cool brass-bottomed table + a little snap from a cute outdoorsy booth. Fun vintage fishing basket, eh?

pondering the goods...

One last two-tone bar cart. Such an awesome piece, but unusually wide (40")

So what do you think of Duck Creek's treasures? 

More importantly, should I go back for those polka dot glasses? 

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  1. omg I am SOOO glad you finally went, knew you'd love it! I cannot believe we didn't discuss this last night - let's go ahead and plan another double date night :)