Friday, February 1, 2013

a hint of spring

TGIF reader-friends! Welcome to casual friday, with a hint spring! Several stars aligned to form this post. First, LOFT had a little 50% off sale last Friday, wherein I simply had to purchase this little lacy, coral number. I mean, when it's 14 degrees outside, you don't pass up a $24 top that screams of spring. AmIright? Next, in a freakish turn of weather events, also know as Ohio, temps reached near-record highs for January this week (62 degrees!?). Pair that with the purchase of my new ILY Couture bubble statement necklace and I'm dreaming of a warm day in March when I can pair it all together! 

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring? 

Of course, Jack Frost is back for the weekend, so it's down jackets and boots! I don't mind one bit because a relaxing, cozy winter's weekend sounds just lovely! 

P.S. Sending all the love my heart can hold to a very special little sister on her birthday today! She is one smart, sweet and stylish lady (who I am sure would approve of this outfit).  I love her (and all my sisters) something fierce. And I have every confidence that that in 50 years, we will be these ladies...

...and oh how it makes me happy!
xoxo to my Special K

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  1. I love that lace top and I'm sure it will look fabulous with the bubble necklace!

    elle [wonderfelle world]