Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know you've all seen these necklaces (the j.crew bubble necklace and it's many knock-offs) running around the internet and the blog world like-woah for the past year+, and I know I am probably the LAST blogger on the face of the planet (would we still call me a blogger since I've been on blog-cation for a while now? Humor me, please.) not to own one of these. Until today, that is! 

I know you've been able to buy knock-offs from everywhere from eBay to BaubleBar for a months, but this Living Social deal is what finally forced me to bite the bullet! $16 for a $49 version of the necklace via ILY Couture. (Probs because I've heard about ILY for a while now, so I wasn't worried about receiving a cheap-o necklace from them and wishing I still had my $16 to buy lattes or a manicure.) 

Since there a dozen+ colors and dozens of options for styling this necklace, I obviously agonized over which color to order. 

When all was said and done, I went with my old friend navy blue. Can't wait to receive my ILY Couture Statement necklace and style it up. (Maybe I'll even be like a legitimate blogger and show you guys some pics of it??) 

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