Monday, November 19, 2012


Santa's little helper found this industrial and rather fab bookcase at the Ballard Design Outlet last week for a steal. A few phone calls/texts/online research later, I told Santa to load that baby on his sleigh! Sometimes knowing what your Christmas gifts are ahead of time can be a little anti-climatic, but I firmly believe in getting stuff you love (and hey, sometimes that means you picked it out yourself). In this case, it also gives you plenty of time to plan how you're going to style it up. :)

Shall I use it as a buffet? (this is very Anthro-esque, no?)

Or as a bookcase?

It is obviously imperative that I keep this piece from making my space look like I bought a page out of a Pottery Barn (or in this case, Ballard) catalog. This is where the styling (read: the magic) comes in. Here are some real-nice (say like this) examples on somewhat similar bookcases:

Yes, I want to be your twin and will copy you ASAP.

Pretty. Bonus points for elephants.

I like it. I like it a lot. Also, velvet sofa + grasscloth walls for the win.

One and three are totes my faves. I will copy cat those ASAP. Then I will show you.

Also, remember my hutch? It would be real pretty looking like this too. Am I right or am I right?

What are you go-to sources for styling a bookcase!? 

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