Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hutches 'n such

Happy Election Day! I hope you exercised your very important right to vote today. If you live in the state of Ohio and you have endured the endless (no really, ENDLESS) political ads for weeks on end, you are even MORE obligated to vote, if only to make up for your suffering. But on to happier and less controversial topics, such as my new hutch.

secret's out. she's in the garage.

When I saw this post for a china cabinet in my area that simply said, "china cabinet good condition make offer," I was a little weary. A blurry picture with no dimensions and no details didn't seem like a great sign. Nonetheless, I'd been semi-consciously hunting for a china cabinet after a refurbished one from Burlington earlier in the year had escaped me, so I was not be deterred. I few emails later (solid wood! would accept $70! perfect dimensions!) I had wrangled my boyfriend* and his SUV into a Saturday AM trip to check this piece out. 

The piece is a little dirty and has a few little blemishes (easily sanded out and painted over), so I talked the seller down to $60 and watched as my boyfriend and the seller carried it to the car. (I'm strong and helpful like that.) 

just barely fitting in the Jeep!

From there, we took it to my parent's house where I will store it until I can arrange to have it refinished. I am especially in love with the straight lines and the size of the piece. I'm still in the apartment phase of my life, so I wanted something that wasn't huge and could easily transition to a new space. I still have to get an  estimate, but based on past work I think it will be between $200-$300 to have it refinished. (I know I could refinish it myself for less, but I want it to look perfect. Less than $400 for a gorgeous hutch is still a deal at the end of the day!)

Here are my two inspiration images.

I mean, if my hutch ends up looking anything like that guy right here, I can die a happy lady. That is EXACTLY the look I am aiming for. And the color. I know I could go all bold (I feel like a sexy high-gloss navy hutch would be amaze), but again with my apartment-living phase going on, I want it to be uber versatile in the future.  

Along those lines, are you seeing that stenciling detail on the back of that hutch? Doesn't it make you just want to turn to the person next to you and say, "get. out!" ?  Since again, I'm aiming for versatility, I plan to achieve a similar look, but without the stencil. Enter inspiration number two.

This outrageously fab hutch very cleverly got a facelift with foam board and paper. This is my plan for my hutch. On the hunt for the perfect paper. Taking suggestions.

I can't wait to get her (the hutch) all gussied up and ready for her new home in my dining room! 

Of note, this is my first ever Craigslist purchase. I've been a little nervous to actually make inquiries/go check out pieces in the past. It was much easier/less of a hassle than I imagined. There are some great things (and a lot of junk too) on Craigslist, so don't count it out!

*useful not just for heavy lifting, but also for safety. Never agree to meet anyone from Craigslist without a buddy. You should also provide the address/email/phone number of the person you are meeting to a third party, just in case!


  1. Two very beautiful hutcehes, the one you chose definitely has potential too. I never realized that a hutch could look so amazing. I really enjoy reading your blog and love your style.

  2. Thanks so much Teresa! I'm so glad you enjoy it!