Tuesday, October 23, 2012

october in reverse

Well, here I am. Did you miss me? Over the past month I've been rather busy. I hope you understand. It's not that I didn't want to blog or that I didn't think about blogging, I just was so busy living that I couldn't possibly miss one second by sitting down to talk about it. I  jetted over and sailed across oceans (it was every bit as fabulous as it sounds). I left a job (and the most wonderful friends) to start a new one. I visited my dearest Mimi twice, sipped lots of champagne, bought my first peplum top and admitted I have a scarf addiction (that's the first step ya know). I walked across a natural bridge, organized my closet (all my hangers match people!), cleaned out my desk and savored fall. Oh and I fell in love with France.  

In case you missed the instagram party (you can follow me @julielech) here's a little visual recap. I'll be back this week with trip updates (seriously, I can't believe I lived that trip) and my regular programming. It feels good to be back! 

birthday brulee!
happy birthday + londontown bound!

champagne + tea time @ county hall

did I mention I adore champagne teas?

two, chic Parisian girls lunching at the Eiffel Tower

Laduree's famous french macaroons...worth the hype! 

locks of love along the Seine 

toasting to the final night of a fabulous trip

natural bridge

an amazing book (Downton fans, you will die!)

red river gorge sky lift 


sister chaiders (chi tea + cider = heaven) on a cool fall afternoon

swinging is significantly underrated

entertaining inspiration

latest round of mantle styling

feel free to tell me how much you missed me in the comments! It's mutual ;) 

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