Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fine & Dandy, Indeed

Anyone who claims to know me should know I freak out over the finer things from days gone by.  Insert this kitchen. Victorian with a twist, you're my new best friend. I mean, it's a kitchen that looks Victorian and current all at once. That is a special talent. It kind of looks British too, doesn't it? 

How do I love this kitchen? Let me count thy ways:
1. Hood (I mean, could you die?)
2. Multi-colored cabinetry (hello, sexy navy island)
3. subway tile (it never gets old)
4. red lantern pendant
5. Did I mention it looks British?

To be honest, I would probably pick a different floor (I like this floor a lot, lot, but it's just not what I would choose) and then I wouldn't change a single thing. And then, I would spend the rest of my days bustling around this kitchen making roasts and soups and pies and generally being a fabulous lady of the house.

Now if I could just secure a matching master bath. I'm thinking devastatingly fabulous hardware (much like the hood over that range) and an over sized claw-foot tub.

Photo originally seen on Shelter

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