Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shoes for Travel

I know when I'm packing for my upcoming trip and thinking about footwear, I should have these on my mind. However, I want to look like this. Thus, I have arrived at the following selection:

This pair of versatile, comfortable black flats. I purchased these at Nordstrom, and I'm hoping the arch support and padded bottom will serve me well on long walks through London, Paris, Bordeaux and more! Plus the matte and patent leather combo give this shoe a little something extra. I think these will be shoe #1 on this adventure.

This pair of Nine West boots. I purchased mine last year and they have held up so well, and are amazingly worn in and comfortable. A pair of classic riding boots will be go-to #2.

My ash colored TOMS. For the few days where my tooties just really need comfort. Paired with skinnies, a long sleeve tee and a scarf, TOMS look pulled together.

Nude Pumps. The Ellen Tracey Cody pump to be specific. I will have to get dressed up in the evenings for dinner and a classic nude pump is just right.

Full disclosure: I am also debating bringing a pair of my flat gray boots and nude flats, both of which I already own. However, I recognize that bringing 6 pairs of shoes on a 14 day trip is a little ridiculous, and I am trying to be very efficient! I am also bringing my running shoes. I'm committed to getting on the treadmill each day we are at-sea (4). The French Macaroons and Spanish wine will at least have some competition. 

So what do you think? Are these choices pretty good? Too many? Too few? 
What are you go-to shoes for stylish travel!?

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