Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Modern Day Downton

When I saw this English countryside home featured on Inspired by This, I had several reactions. The primary being, "why don't I live in this idyllic home with a butler named Martin?" The second being, "If Downton Abbey had a modern-day cousin, this is it." The third being, "I wish I was British." The fourth being, "Downton season 3 starts so soon and it will take all of my fibers of self-control not to read spoilers and patiently wait for the U.S. airing." (Doesn't season 3 look fab!? The Dowager Countess kills me. Also, I don't think Maggie Smith has aged in my lifetime.)

All of these concerns (#realproblems) were immediately appeased with the knowledge that I will be in jolly London-town in just 16 days!!!

Now, I shall let you bask in the glory that is this slice of anglophile heaven. I love the mix of modern and traditional and the "comfortable" vibe of the home. It feels refined, yet lived-in, glamorous yet rustic. How is it that the Brits always seem to achieve this!? 

Welcome to Downton

The fire that Daisy was busy preparing before I awoke.

Check out that fire. Mrs. Hughes is pleased. Please excuse me whilst I admire the amazing moulding around my fireplace.

The staff quarters are so lovely, sometimes I eat in the kitchen. Very progressive of me, I know. I take after my great-aunt Sybil.

Lord Grantham loves his library, but kind of wishes that brown velvet chair had different lines. 

What can I say? Making an entrance never gets old.

I do wish Thomas would hurry and set up the croquet set. And where is Anna with the freshly squeezed lemonade? I'm positively parched.

I enjoy hosting dinner parties of 12. 12 is just the right number of dinner guests, wouldn't you agree?

The Dowager Countess' award winning roses. 

Mr. Pamuk's room. We hardly use it now, but it sure looks lovely doesn't it?

Pamuk again.

Arched doors because we're fancy.

Doesn't your own home feel so perfect and adequate now? ;) 
Happy Hump Day!

All photography from Inspired by This originally appeared on ShootFactory.

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