Tuesday, September 25, 2012

finds as of late

I know you're all tired of me talking about going to antique fairs and flea markets, but I am going to continue my love affair with them, so bear with me. These pics are either from Bird House Antiques in Oxford, OH (which has total STEALS) or September's Burlington Antique Market

I really wanted to climb up on this bike at Burlington, but I have a feeling that would have created a spectacle. 

Pool balls have been a staple at Burlington this season, and here is a whole collection at Bird House. Could be awesome in a den or basement and could be displayed a millon ways! FYI, I wouldn't pay more than $2 each for them. I saw some at Burlington for $5 each - what!?

So glam and retro and unique. I prom-prom that Betty Draper would love this. @ Bird House

Again, retro and unique. Awesome as is, but would also be cool all one color @ Bird House. 

This egg chair was $20. I seriously sat in it and claimed it as my own faster than fast. The proportions were amazing. I told the shop owner I was buying it. I did a lap around the store and when I came back back it had a giant "SOLD" sticker on it. The other shop owner didn't know I had claimed it and sold it to someone else!  (A moment of silence, please, to mourn the loss of my cheap and fabulous egg chair.) Let this be a lesson. CLAIM your finds quickly. Picking is ruthless people. 

There are so many things you could do with these antique moldings, I think. But I'm struggling with a specific example. What would you do with them? Also, please note the "redneck wine glasses" (mason jars on stems) that were also for sale in this booth at Burlington. 

This pair of chairs was awesome but up close the quality wasn't too great. Kind felt like if you actually sat in them, they would snap. Fun to look at though @ Burlington. 

Ultimate man cave antlers. YOU GUYS. These were almost as tall as me. I am not even kidding. They were like $500+.  So funny!

The one that got away. This beaut was $150. She was MINE. I didn't even know where I was going to put her, but I had to have her. Just as I was walking up to the owner at Burlington, she said, "I hope you didn't fall in love with it, because it's already sold." As you can imagine, it was a crushing blow. She said she would be back with several more hutches in October, so I'll be stalking her. 

Re-painted console table with good lines at Bird House. Tuck some stools underneath and style this baby up!

This table was the perfect height for a bar cart. I would repaint, but it was a fun find at Bird House.

This set of wicker twin headboards would be bananas in a little girls room, repainted a fun color! @ Bird House

Fun rug at Bird House

Have you gone looking for some old treasures lately? Tell me about your best finds!


  1. I love the antique moldings! They would be fun dressed up with some fun hardware such as a glass knob and hung on the wall to hold necklaces, scarves, coats, handbags etc... So sad you lost out on the hutch it is adorable!

  2. Julie! I did not even know that place in Oxford was called Bird House Antiques ( maybe it wasn't when we were there). But can I just tell you how many times I perused that precious little store instead of going to King library. And little old college me thought things we pretty expensive back in the day. Can you imagine my surprise when I strolled through that store a couple years ago at homecoming and could. not. believe. the deals that were flying around that place?! Silly. I need to plan a trip back to my alma mater, if only for the deals to be had in that great little shop. And how funny to reminisce about the manis next door I used to treat myself to after a successful exam #ghetto

    Live Inspired,