Tuesday, September 25, 2012

finds as of late

I know you're all tired of me talking about going to antique fairs and flea markets, but I am going to continue my love affair with them, so bear with me. These pics are either from Bird House Antiques in Oxford, OH (which has total STEALS) or September's Burlington Antique Market

I really wanted to climb up on this bike at Burlington, but I have a feeling that would have created a spectacle. 

Pool balls have been a staple at Burlington this season, and here is a whole collection at Bird House. Could be awesome in a den or basement and could be displayed a millon ways! FYI, I wouldn't pay more than $2 each for them. I saw some at Burlington for $5 each - what!?

So glam and retro and unique. I prom-prom that Betty Draper would love this. @ Bird House

Again, retro and unique. Awesome as is, but would also be cool all one color @ Bird House. 

This egg chair was $20. I seriously sat in it and claimed it as my own faster than fast. The proportions were amazing. I told the shop owner I was buying it. I did a lap around the store and when I came back back it had a giant "SOLD" sticker on it. The other shop owner didn't know I had claimed it and sold it to someone else!  (A moment of silence, please, to mourn the loss of my cheap and fabulous egg chair.) Let this be a lesson. CLAIM your finds quickly. Picking is ruthless people. 

There are so many things you could do with these antique moldings, I think. But I'm struggling with a specific example. What would you do with them? Also, please note the "redneck wine glasses" (mason jars on stems) that were also for sale in this booth at Burlington. 

This pair of chairs was awesome but up close the quality wasn't too great. Kind felt like if you actually sat in them, they would snap. Fun to look at though @ Burlington. 

Ultimate man cave antlers. YOU GUYS. These were almost as tall as me. I am not even kidding. They were like $500+.  So funny!

The one that got away. This beaut was $150. She was MINE. I didn't even know where I was going to put her, but I had to have her. Just as I was walking up to the owner at Burlington, she said, "I hope you didn't fall in love with it, because it's already sold." As you can imagine, it was a crushing blow. She said she would be back with several more hutches in October, so I'll be stalking her. 

Re-painted console table with good lines at Bird House. Tuck some stools underneath and style this baby up!

This table was the perfect height for a bar cart. I would repaint, but it was a fun find at Bird House.

This set of wicker twin headboards would be bananas in a little girls room, repainted a fun color! @ Bird House

Fun rug at Bird House

Have you gone looking for some old treasures lately? Tell me about your best finds!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Great Minds...

Friday bonus post! So you know how everyone is always saying, "Great minds think alike." Well,  after seeing Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly sporting the same polka dot blouse as me, (I was actually wearing this ensemble when I saw her post!) I am inclined to believe it. Obviously owning the same shirt as Kristina means I have good taste and am as cute as her, right?? ;)

Also, I bought pink pants and it was the best $23 dollars I've spent in a while. I want to give a shout out to my close friends, Mossimo, for hooking me up with the pants and Merona, for the shirt

Notes on the clothes: These pants are so comfortable and remind me almost exactly of the j.crew Minnie pant, which I also own. They stretch out quite a bit if you're going to purchase. The shirt is so cute, and I have received a lot of compliments. Looks much more expensive than $18! I thought the black/white one looked cheaper because it was a little translucent.

Be sure to check out Kristina's blog! She is a doctor (resident) AND a fashion blogger, which I find super impressive. 


Casual Friday

Welcome to Casual Friday: Autumn Air edition! The temperatures here have dropped noticeably, offering cool mornings and crisp evenings. For days on end we've enjoyed bright blue skies and pleasant temps. You can feel fall in the air! I adore this weather (for some reason it reminds me of tennis season in high school - possibly due to four years of gorgeous, cool, fall afternoons spent on the tennis courts?) and it seems self explanatory that fall is the best season.

Aside from the food and drink of the fall season, (hello pumpkin flavored everything. How I've missed you!) the fall wardrobe is positively the best. Boots! Need I say more? No, but I will! Light jackets! Scarves! Did I mention boots? Anyways, now that the weather warrants some layering and the trees are starting to fade from green to yellow, I would say AUTUMN is upon us. (Technically the autumn equinox is Saturday, if you're scientific like that.) This obviously warrants a fall inspired casual Friday!

Polka Dot Scarf, j.crew (my name is julie. And I am obsessed with polka dots)

Charlie Zip Boots, Indigo by Clarks (this boot is the thing fall strolls are made of)

Boucle Peplum Jacket, j.crew (the perfect, lightweight sweater/jacket! dress it up, dress it down. I have a feeling this guy would get a ton of wear. Also endorsed by v mac & cheese)

Paige Denim Skyline Skinny, Nordstrom (just bought these guys in this wash. to say these fit perfectly is an understatement! obsession)

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings, Layla Grayce (a bold bright statement to spice up a simple, classic look!)

Legacy Colorblock Duffle, Coach (have you seen the Legacy collection!? These are the Coach bags you remember your mom carrying from the early 90's. I have to say, Coach got it right when they went back to the basics - a classic, high quality leather bag.  I've not even looked at Coach recently, but this season the Legacy collection has my eye!)

So, put me in this outfit, add a pumpkin spice latte and a cool breeze, and you've got yourself a nice little Saturday. I envision myself dining al fresco and exploring an antique mall in this number!

T.G.I.F Have a great weekend reader-friends!

P.S. Please excuse my absence. Lots of "stuff" going on in my world right now (so annoying when bloggers vaguely allude to stuff, I know). Can't wait to tell you soon!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shoes for Travel

I know when I'm packing for my upcoming trip and thinking about footwear, I should have these on my mind. However, I want to look like this. Thus, I have arrived at the following selection:

This pair of versatile, comfortable black flats. I purchased these at Nordstrom, and I'm hoping the arch support and padded bottom will serve me well on long walks through London, Paris, Bordeaux and more! Plus the matte and patent leather combo give this shoe a little something extra. I think these will be shoe #1 on this adventure.

This pair of Nine West boots. I purchased mine last year and they have held up so well, and are amazingly worn in and comfortable. A pair of classic riding boots will be go-to #2.

My ash colored TOMS. For the few days where my tooties just really need comfort. Paired with skinnies, a long sleeve tee and a scarf, TOMS look pulled together.

Nude Pumps. The Ellen Tracey Cody pump to be specific. I will have to get dressed up in the evenings for dinner and a classic nude pump is just right.

Full disclosure: I am also debating bringing a pair of my flat gray boots and nude flats, both of which I already own. However, I recognize that bringing 6 pairs of shoes on a 14 day trip is a little ridiculous, and I am trying to be very efficient! I am also bringing my running shoes. I'm committed to getting on the treadmill each day we are at-sea (4). The French Macaroons and Spanish wine will at least have some competition. 

So what do you think? Are these choices pretty good? Too many? Too few? 
What are you go-to shoes for stylish travel!?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Modern Day Downton

When I saw this English countryside home featured on Inspired by This, I had several reactions. The primary being, "why don't I live in this idyllic home with a butler named Martin?" The second being, "If Downton Abbey had a modern-day cousin, this is it." The third being, "I wish I was British." The fourth being, "Downton season 3 starts so soon and it will take all of my fibers of self-control not to read spoilers and patiently wait for the U.S. airing." (Doesn't season 3 look fab!? The Dowager Countess kills me. Also, I don't think Maggie Smith has aged in my lifetime.)

All of these concerns (#realproblems) were immediately appeased with the knowledge that I will be in jolly London-town in just 16 days!!!

Now, I shall let you bask in the glory that is this slice of anglophile heaven. I love the mix of modern and traditional and the "comfortable" vibe of the home. It feels refined, yet lived-in, glamorous yet rustic. How is it that the Brits always seem to achieve this!? 

Welcome to Downton

The fire that Daisy was busy preparing before I awoke.

Check out that fire. Mrs. Hughes is pleased. Please excuse me whilst I admire the amazing moulding around my fireplace.

The staff quarters are so lovely, sometimes I eat in the kitchen. Very progressive of me, I know. I take after my great-aunt Sybil.

Lord Grantham loves his library, but kind of wishes that brown velvet chair had different lines. 

What can I say? Making an entrance never gets old.

I do wish Thomas would hurry and set up the croquet set. And where is Anna with the freshly squeezed lemonade? I'm positively parched.

I enjoy hosting dinner parties of 12. 12 is just the right number of dinner guests, wouldn't you agree?

The Dowager Countess' award winning roses. 

Mr. Pamuk's room. We hardly use it now, but it sure looks lovely doesn't it?

Pamuk again.

Arched doors because we're fancy.

Doesn't your own home feel so perfect and adequate now? ;) 
Happy Hump Day!

All photography from Inspired by This originally appeared on ShootFactory.