Thursday, August 16, 2012

State Pride

Have you noticed that state pride is becoming quite the trend? I would say that state prints  and jewelry are the most popular, but the fun doesn't end there.  I love to see everyone take pride in and show love for their home state! Luckily there are so many cute ways to subtly incorporate a little love for your motherland into your home, your wardrobe and even your cocktails! Here's a fun little round-up of some great state must-haves!

State Cookie Cutters - My friend (Hey MB!) purchased these for a bridal shower. Bride and Groom home state cookies? Love it!

Cat Studio Pillows & glassware - My grandmother has this Kentucky pillow on her couch. It is gorgeous and of such high quality. I absolutely want want of these! They have cities and countries. (My inner anglophile really wants this one.) The glasses are a super fun addition to any collection and would look great in your bar cart display!

Maya Brenner Necklaces - There are lots of options for state silhouettes out there. I think these are lovely, but check Etsy for other options!

One Canoe Two State Prints - There are more cute state prints around than I could ever begin to round up (but maybe I'll do a state print round up in the near future?). One Canoe Two are my hand-down favorites. These are so fun and beautiful!

Dig this Chick Applique Attire - Comfy, customizable. Countries also available. This Mama and her nuggets are one of my favorite blogs to follow too.

How do you feel about state pride? 

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