Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's go 'Picking'

If you ask me what I've done on any given weekend, you can pretty much bet it involved at least one consignment shop, Goodwill visit, antique store or fair. What can I say? I love looking at old stuff! I think perhaps because it's a good combination of my love for interiors, history and a good deal! 

Almost had to buy this "Gone Picking" sign at an antique barn in Fremont, IN last weekend! Ha!

Here are some snaps of finds from my recent "picking" adventures!

Set of 6 chairs, $80 (Fremont, IN)

Old library card catalog! (Fremont, IN)

Funky, vintage, tufted. turquoise chair. Say that 3x fast. Burlington in May.

A spread of delicious pieces @ Burlington in May.

Nailhead/spindle chairs from Burlington in May. Reupholstered these could be so-oh good!

This guy was $120 at Burlington in May. Didn't buy him, but sure wish I had!

I was super impressed by the set-up in this stall at Burlington (Aug.). The chairs didn't go with the table, but I loved how they painted the inside of the hutch blue (hard to see) to match the chairs. The table was beautiful!

Secretary Desk (swoon) @ Burlington (Aug.), but at $600 was too pricey for a piece that has lots of knicks and scratches!

Ombre barware, $22 for set (Burlington, Aug.)

Ah-dorable vintage trophy wine toppers! SO bummed I didn't get these! (Milford, OH)

 Greek key barware, Burlington in August!

Brass bar cart from the Florence Antique Mall. Another regret!

As promised, here are few of the extra items I picked up at Burlington when I went with my mom last weekend. 

An adorable "Home Sweet Home" needlepoint for $2! Fun colors! Iron & frame! This was buried in a pile of "lovely" linens that I didn't bother to look through, but my Mom found a treasure!

A $4 horseshoe and $12 apple + pear salt 'n pepper shakers were other fun finds!

The "vintage" basket is actually from One Kings Lane. It was a set of 3, and I gave my mom the medium sized one in exchange for finding and gifting me with the beautiful set of books I scored!

P.S. Sorry for the blog hiatus! Busy week + beautiful weather are not good blog motivators! I'll be back with more regular post next week, and of course, Casual Friday tomorrow! (Almost a 3 day weekend reader-friends! You can do it!)


  1. Hi there, we must practically be neighbors. I go to Burlington also and was there in August. I also showed that same brass bar cart on my blog a few months ago. Wow, great minds think alike. Sounds like we would be friends. Perhaps we can go picking together!

  2. Jules - take me with you the next time you go picking...and in case I haven't told you this, I absolutely love your new logo and blog design, so chic.