Friday, August 10, 2012

Get the Skinny

Welcome to Casual Friday: Get the Skinny edition. 

This casual Friday is born out of my personal quest for black skinny jeans that fit perfectly. A simple request, no? Everyone and their mother has colored denim this fall (that is "in" this season, in case you missed that). But not everyone has black jeans. I mean you're making plum colored jeans, mustard colored jeans and rust colored jeans before you're making BLACK jeans!? Honestly. These people should hire me as a consultant. Secondly, and a very important detail, is that twill with a little stretch and some rivets does not a pair of jeans make. Take for example the colored "denim" currently available at LOFT. That is not denim. Go to the store and feel it in your hands. Now go feel their regular jeans. Is that the same material? Let me save you some time, it's not. 

All this to say, here is a round of up some black skinny jean options for you for fall. These choices range from super skinny denim legging to cigarette style black denim. The perfect pair for you depends on what you're looking for and what you can afford. I'll tell you this much - no human being has so throughly over-analyzed black denim before. Here we go:

1. Citizens Avedon Denim Legging: Literally the most comfy "jean" you have every tried on. However, this is definitely more legging than jean. It flatters a curvier figure, but I don't know that I want to invest in this much money in designer "jeggings."

2. J.Crew Matchstick Jean: These are more of a cigarette style pant than skinny jean shape, and are not ideal for tucking in boots. They will definitely bunch/gape. That said, I own these in a dark wash and they look amazing with flats, heels, etc. Comfort level is moderate. I like the mid-rise, but they stretch a fair amount. For me the 27 was just too small and the 28 fits great for one to two wears, but after than needs to be put through the wash (let's be honest, I normally like to wear jeans a lot more than 2 times before I wash them.) 

3. Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jean: These are super comfy. I love the mid-rise, which keeps everything in. These perfectly hug my curvier figure and fit very nicely through the hips without being too large in the waist, which most pants do for me. They are not quite as tight at the bottom as they appear in this image, but definitely still skinny.

4. Banana Republic Black Skinny Jean:  I have not tried these on, as I have with the other pairs. But knowing quality/price/fit of BR denim, they are a good choice for me. My previous BR jeans have held up well, but the waist to hips ratio irritates me (to fit through the hips, it's too large at the waist). I want to order these, but they will not ship until September 24th. Fail. Banana always has coupons/sales (for example, I can get 25% off right now) and makes good quality clothing, so this seems like a great option. I will continue checking in stores. 

...that is as far as this denim round up will go because those are all the pairs of black skinny jeans that I would consider, so that should be enough for you. Just kidding. If you have additional recommendations, I am definitely open to suggestions, so let me know!

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