Wednesday, August 8, 2012


With my trip to Europe rapidly approaching, (!!!) (seriously, I can barely contain my delight while typing that) I have begun to imagine my packing list and am visualizing my outfits for exploring London, Paris, Bordeaux and more! (!!!)

Obviously, when I imagine myself strolling the streets of London or Paris, buying cafe au lait and macaroons, I picture myself looking something like this:

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In reality, I'll probs be one step above a tourist wearing shape-ups and sporting a fanny pack. Maybe two steps above (hopefully). Anyways, as travel attires goes, the goal is to look stylish and be comfortable. The weather in London/France/Spain in early October generally averages high temps around 70 degrees and low temps around 50. Most days it should be in the mid to low 60's during the day. 

Obviously, these temps call for layering, layering, layering. And obviously all this layering has me over analyzing my outerwear options. I currently have a short, light, tan trench which I am definitely taking.  The problem is that this trench doesn't do well in the rain, and if the forecast calls for rain I will be out of luck!  Thus I am on the hunt for a coat that is water resistant, travels well (not too bulky) and most importantly, that will serve me well outside the trip! I'm not into buying anything JUST for a two week period of my life. Here are few of the options I'm looking into:

I ordered 1 & 2 as part of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, and they should be arriving shortly. I love the look of the Ellen Tracey coat, but I also love that the Laundry coat just zips up (no tie involved) and the detail on the back is really cute too. I held off on ordering the Miss Sixty because reviews said it was bulkier than expected. Hopefully I don't come to regret that choice, because the Anniversary Sale prices are gone. The Michael Kors Anorak is still marked down on Nordstrom's site, so if my first two options don't work, I will probably order that one. 

I also plan to check Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx regularly, to see what kind of inventory they get in. Nordstrom Rack especially can be an amazing place to buy coats. Unfortunately, the in-store inventory is still summer focused. 

I will keep you updated on my travel style and packing plans, but I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has traveled to England/France/Spain in the fall months for packing advice! Any tips? Anything you packed that you regretted or vice versa? Let me know!

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