Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get the Look

When I saw this guest room by Design Star winner Emily Henderson (she's super cute, no?) earlier this week, I was really impressed She made some bold choices which I would maybe be afraid to make in my own home, but the end result is a very collected, warm and unique space. And here is the beauty of following designers - you don't always have to come up with something original, especially if you struggle with making decisions for your own home's decor - you can copy them! You find something you love and you know it will work without taking the risks and questioning colors, fabrics, etc.

Here's how to get the look of Emily's guest bedroom for yourself! 

*Pink upholstered headboards aren't too easy to come by. This may need to be a custom piece you invest in. Some options include purchasing this headboard and having it reupholstered, or this option from Costco, which has a great shape.

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