Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Reads

I love to read and am surprised that I have yet to make reading recommendations on MM. Obviously a week at the beach offers plenty of time for poolside literary pursuits, so what better time to make some suggestions for additions to your summer reading list?

Disclaimer: I'm no literary critic! These are just a few books I've enjoyed reading as of late and thought you might enjoy them too!

Natasha Solomons

When I heard that this book was "3 parts Jane Eyre, 1 part Anne Frank and 8 parts Downton Abbey" I couldn't get my hands on this WWII era novel fast enough. When displaced refugee Elise accepts a job as a servant at an old English estate to escape Nazi persecution, she finds herself struggling to determine her proper place. A fair warning, the story is much more focused on romance than on larger historical events around the war, but lovers of Downton will no doubt love the story as much as I did. (And I promise you will imagine Wrexham as Carson too! They are interchangeable.)

Sophie Kinsella

I originally discovered the laugh-out-loud genius of Sophie Kinsella through the "Confessions of  Shopoholic" series. (If you are judging that statement based on the movie, one of the poorest book-to-film adaptations of all time, go read the book now!) I consider her to be the original author of "chick-lit" and her rom-com style novels get me every time. I almost always read her new books right when they're released, but "Remember Me" fell off my reading list and I just got around to it. As always, the book's heroine is relatable, endearing and funny and Kinsella is good for an easy, enjoyable read. "Remember Me" - or any of Kinsella's novels - is the perfect beach read! (You may also find books by Madeleine Wickham to be of intrest if you like Kinsella's novels.)

Peter Robinson 

The beautiful but lonely English countryside is the perfect backdrop for an this eery, suspenseful, romantic mystery to unfold. (It holds hints of Daphne de Maurier's Rebecca...) When successful film composer Chris Lowndes returns to his native England after the death of his beloved wife and purchases an isolated country home site-unseen, he feels as though Kilnsgate House has been waiting for him. Shortly after moving in, he learns that the previous owner was murdered in the home by his much younger wife, Grace Fox, who was hanged nearly 50 years prior for her crime. Fueled by isolation, curiosity, his own grief and forces unseen, Lowndes begins to look into the murder only to become convinced that Fox was wrongly convicted. Flashbacks to Grace's trial and excerpts from her wartime diaries offer glimpses into the past as Lowndes struggles to piece together missing information in the present. I loved this book because it combines historical fiction and mystery novel perfectly with a bit of romance and the supernatural - and have a weakness for all things English. 

What are your summer reading rec's?

Of note: I recently joined my local library after years of purchasing/borrowing books. I always loved utilizing my local library growing up, but post-college it hardly even occurred to me to join one in my new city. Since becoming an active cardholder in early May, I've read a new book almost weekly and get a nerdy amount of enjoyment out of visits to the library. If you're not using this local and FREE source for books, I highly recommend it! 

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  1. I'm surprised this is your first book post, too! Always a trusty source when it comes to good reads. Thanks for these tips and ditto on the library comment!