Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well Plated

Plates on the wall. Plates on the wall. Lookin' like a fool with your plates on the wall...just me? Anyways...pop culture rap adaptations aside, I've seen some pretty plate arrangements on walls as of late and they are not looking foolish. I recall scoffing at my mother's hanging plates in high school, (insert eyeroll + "so lame") but like always, it would seem she was right. 

There are really endless opportunities for mixing and arranging plates, and this is a relatively easy and very affordable way to style up your walls. Unique plates abound at flea markets and antique shops on the cheap! Of course if you have plates that are of a certain sentimental value, like a place setting or a serving piece that belonged to a family member, this is also a beautiful way to display your treasured items.

Just look at all the pretty arrangements below! And much like a secretary desk, plated decor is not just for traditional spaces!

Love. (Minus the fact that I really want to push the cart flush against the wall. #controlfreak)

These look kind of like bowls, but I dig it!

Loving the blue and white against the dark wall color. 

Tulip table + chairs + plates! 
via Pinterest (sorry, original source is broken)

Metallic trays all in a row? Please and thank you!

Country chic! Classic plate arrangement executed without a hint of frills or frumpiness.

Can you go wrong with all white? I think not. 

I love the look of an all blue and white arrangement.

Plates en mass! 

Is a plate arrangement on your radar? 
Would you consider for your space?

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  1. Completely love it and have plates in both my kids bedrooms...

    You'll love this inspiration...