Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Minty Bliss

If you are thinking this is a post about things that are mint-colored and make me blissfully happy, you would be wrong. I already wrote that post. What this post IS, is a post showcasing the jaw-dropping beaut that is Bailey McCarthy's home, also known as Mr. George Banks (for it's Father-of-the-Brideness qualities). Bailey's blog is called "Peppermint Bliss" - you can connect the dots to the post title...) Anywho, Bailey lives in Mr. Banks with her hubs Pete and her adorbs daughter Gracie. 

I've been a long-time reader/admirer of Bailey's style and her new home has me smiling. The rooms are perfect parts traditional and bold, sophisticated and whimsical. Bright color, luxe textiles and playful prints make a statement without being "too much." Isn't this just a happy house? 

You can see more pics and all the deets over on Design Sponge, where they originally appeared. And now, enjoy...

Welcome! (Or Should I say, "Vvvelcome to the 90's Mr. Banks!" ?) Stained woodwork + white woodwork = lovers. Also note: light fixture. 

Big, bright, white. Giant island. Top 'o the line range. I want to cook and entertain here immediately.

Playroom perfection. Please note painted woodwork/trim. Also the stylish mini-furniture is killing me. So much to love.

I could eat, drink & be merry for hours around this table!

Don't mind if you do. Love the mix of color/styles in this guest room. 

Dying over the hardware here. 

Window pane shower. I don't know that I've ever seen this before, but I suddenly need one. Also, her tile work choices are ah-maze. Definitely check out the other bathrooms in her home here.

Do you like?

Detailed before and after pics are being shared on Peppermint Bliss this week. 
Don't miss the rest of the gorgeous George Banks!

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