Friday, May 4, 2012

Casual Friday

Welcome to not-so-Casual Friday, Derby Day edition. If I ever went to the Derby (for real, not the infield) I would use the occasion to purchase a Milly dress. These two Derby ensembles are the things my dreams are made of.

My Dad is from Louisville, the home of the Kentucky Derby, and he's taught me to love it too. My favorite part is when they play "My Old Kentucky Home."  It reminds me of my grandmother and a hot summer's night in Bardstown, KY, when she took me to see this. I'm looking forward to watching the 138th run for the roses with my dad and my sister S, as we celebrate her graduation from college this weekend. 
So proud S! I raise my mint julep glass in your honor! xo
Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks sis! I raise my mint julep to you too! xxoo

  2. I live in Kentucky and I've never been to the Derby either...... but I sure would like to make it there in a cute hat and dress one year!