Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grown Up Easter Basket

I always say that a great gift is is something you would love to receive but wouldn't necessarily purchase for yourself. These fun indulgences are sweet and springy, and I wouldn't mind seeing any of these in a grown-up version of my Easter basket this Sunday!

Gift cards in small amounts are always well received. Who doesn't love treating themselves to a free latte, new music or a new book?  (StarbucksiTunesAmazon)

Sparkly Baubles: simple, fun spring jewelry adds sparkle to any Easter basket! (Wouldn't the earrings be adorable tucked inside an egg or tied up in a fun piece of scrap fabric!?)
Lime Rose Studs, Bauble Bar

Gourmet Treats: I like to indulge in a few special sweets, rather than a basket full of drug store candy. (Ha. Don't worry. I'll still probably binge eat jelly beans too.)
Hammond's Gourmet Chocolate Bars (PB&J Sandwich) (More S'mores
Graeter's Pints (while this technically can't be IN the basket - it would melt - Graeter's ice cream is one of my favorite indulgences!)

Cute Correspondence: I love stationary. Always.

Fresh Polish: New spring hues for at-home manis! Oui! Oui!
Essie School of Hard Rocks nail polish
OPI You Callin Me a Lyre nail polish

Stylish Scarves: An Easter basket is the perfect nesting spot for stylish spring scarves!

**Don't forget! Middle Maintenance is a finalist in the Zinc Door Mad Men contest. Please go here and vote for my entry, "Sharp Sophistication" in the bottom right hand corner. Voting ends Thursday, and I so appreciate your support!**


  1. Would love any one of these little treats! And what, my dear, are you going to buy with your Zinc Door credit?! It's a run away!

    Live Inspired,

    1. Aren't they fun!? I'm hoping the Easter Bunny sees some of my suggestions. As for the Zinc Door credit, I don't want to get ahead of myself! Two days of voting left. But you can be sure I have a few ideas! ;)