Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fab Freebie

I found these adorable, colorful (and best of all, FREE) state and country prints through the blog Effortless Style. The prints were designed by Jenna at Q&A Design and you can download each and every one fo' free! I am loving all the options for these prints, and I can't wait to put the Ohio print in an pre-matted frame and hang it in my apartment. It will be such a fun addition to my walls! 

Which prints will you download? How do you plan to use?  

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  1. love these - i used the pdf & had it screen printed on my wedding totes for my out of town guests - she even made them with custom colors to match our wedding palette & made a custom map of the island my folks live on with a heart on where our house is - love this freebie!

  2. Love this - thank you for sharing!