Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Covered Up

I've written before about using an area rug to anchor a space - and one space in my own home that doesn't have a rug is my bedroom. Since it's modestly sized, it doesn't need a rug, but it would be awesome to have one that tied the room together and provided something soft to put my feet on when I wake up in the morning. Since I recently got a little influx in my disposable income, (!) I've decided to purchase a rug for my bedroom. 

A few considerations:
1. Ideally, this rug is under $500 (including shipping and tax). I'd like to save all my other pennies for my big trip this fall.
2. I'd like the rug to look great in my bedroom now, but be versatile for future locations. (Right now my roomie's beautiful rug is in our living room, so we don't need one for our living room. However, in the future I'd like to be able to use this rug in a living or dining space.)
3. I'd like to stick to neutrals, green and blue hues. 

Here is a little close-up of my bedding and a fab steal-of-deal throw pillow from the luxurious home retailer, Target. The bedding was a Home Goods find years ago. For a girl who changes her mind a lot, I have yet to get sick of this bedding.
(It's late y'all. I am tired. So I'm taking short cuts with some iPhone photography. Hence the yellow tint going on here. The blue hues are very similar to those in the blue rugs below.)

With those considerations in mind, I selected a few rugs that I have my eye on!
blue hues

neutral hues

Ok. Please discuss. I need some help deciding!!!


  1. FABULOUS fabrics!!!!! Hugs from California :) xx,
    The Golden Girls

  2. For my 2cents-- The frontier moroccan (#4) is my fav! It's so versatile-- good for a bedroom, living room, dining room, walk in closet/ dressing room (b/c doesn't everyone need a walk-in closet that will fit an 8x10 rug ;) ) Good luck deciding!

  3. Moroccan Ivory... found your post through Zinc Door RT! Lots of luck from The Ugly Duckling House.