Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Think Outside the Basket

CANDY! There's nothing quite like the rush of searching for a strategically hidden basket promising a sugar-high on a spring Sunday morning. At least not if you dream of chocolate-covered-marshmallows-shaped-like-eggs, nauseating amounts of Starburst flavored jelly beans and giant plastic eggfuls (like a handful only an eggful) of pastel M&MS like I do this time of year. Natch, you need a transportation method for hauling around all this candy. Because my mom loves me more than your mom loves you, she made me the coolest Easter basket of all time many years ago (pics forthcoming). Not to worry though. If your mom doesn't love you enough to make you an Easter basket, you can still land a beautiful basket (read: candy transporter) of your own and/or purchase a basket for the cute little mini in your life (who will preferably be wearing seersucker or gingham on Easter). 

Because I'm nice and I love you, I've rounded up some cu-ute options, but don't get all traditional on me when you check these out. Think outside the basket people!

1. Chick Easter Basket (perfect for Toddler)
2. NeatNix Square Basket (tons of pockets perfect for hiding eggs and other treats!)
5. Personalized Gingham Basket (pick your basket cover color and add a name or monogram)
6. Bunny Easter Basket (it has gingham ears. does it get cuter?)
7. Dotty Canvas Bins (remove the lid for the look of a basket + perfect for big kids)
8. Monogrammed Market Tote (hellooo. it's green + pink + monogrammed + polka dots. buy it now!) 
9. Locker Bins (another great option for big kids + functional after Easter AM + fun)

Reader-friend poll: What comprises a great Easter basket!? 

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