Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retro Glam

With the return of Mad Men (did you watch? were you kind of bored for the first hour? did you miss Betty?) Zinc Door has created a mid-century modern "Pin it to win it" challenge. Yes, that is correct. It is a contest that is centered around 1. Mad Men 2. Design and 3. Pinterest. Sign me up. 

I opted to created a home space (over an office space) and started with some retro-glam inspiration pictures, including Betty and Don's living room. 

Draper's Living Room
Elle Decor

Belle Vivir
Elle Decor
Belle Vivir

Then I found this chair on Zinc Door and decided Betty Draper would rather love to kick off her high heels, chain smoke cigarettes and pull at her pearls while drinking a gimlet in this chair. 

From there I started pinning other Zinc Door retro-glam objects that myself and Betty enjoy (I'm going to go ahead and assume that me and Betty are like-minded, since I can assure you that we both thought Megan's rendition of "Zu Bisou Bisou" and accompanying choreography was a total embarrassment, and we both have a betchy side). 

Please remember that my chairs are moody blue mohair (still tufted, obvi) and sporting a tres chic turkish pillow. I'm thinking the wall would look uber glam + retro with a little gold wall paper. Something like this, no?

Designer's Guild Magnolia Tree Wallpaper in Alabaster via Bryn Alexandra
At this point, you're probs thinking, "you designed a living room for Betty Draper and it doesn't have a bar cart?" To which I say, "patience, grasshopper." The obligatory gimlet pour station wouldn't fit on my original board without it appearing cluttered. And I flippin' hate clutter. So do me a fav and imagine this little set up across from the sitting area above for me, will ya?
Wallpaper was a killer choice if I do say so mahself. Won't that bar cart look fab styled up with some chic glassware, bottles of adult beverlies and garnishes?? 

Check out my entire my "pin it to win it" pinboard for direct sources to all items pictured and be sure to follow MM on Pinterest

Like any of the design and style tips you see on Middle Maintenance?  Want any help-a-roosie coming up with ideas for your actual space?  Let me know, si vous plais!*  I'm helping a friend with her new home, and I am just tickled pink to come up with ideas that somebody is going to implement. (In case the meaning of this is lost on you, I just offered you some free design services.)

*in the unlikely event that I am inundated with requests for design ideas, I can only offer and dedicate a small portion of my time to this endeavor, i.e. there are a limited amount of requests that I will be able to fulfill at no charge. 

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  1. I thought the show was a bit dull myself & I def missed seeing the former Mrs. Draper! I of course will always watch because I love the style & retro lifestyle that the show embodies.... Love your picks above!