Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Olio Moly!

Have you guys heard of Olioboard? It's seriously an amazing tool for building design boards.  I started playing around with it last night and pulled this board together. They have a great gallery of furniture and decor accessories to select from, but you can also upload images of your existing pieces, or even pieces on your wish-list. Addiction-central! Good bye Pinterest, hello Olioboard! (jk. I would never dump Pinterest like that. I'm just havin' a little Olioboard affair on the side.)

I started with this amazing smithsonian archive poppy red rug from Zinc Door. Remember when I talked about how rugs can anchor a room? This rug is definitely anchoring my board here. It was the first thing I added to the board, simply because it caught my eye, and I loved it - a great design tip. Start with a few pieces that you love and the rest will come together. I added the accent table and bird pillows* next. I was thinking spring! I tried to incorporate a nice mix of color and texture, and I love the way it turned out. The bones of a great living room!

Zinc Door is hosting a Vibrant Spring Color Design contest on Olioboard. I'm definitely planning to enter a board, but want to create a few before I decide which one is entry-worthy. I'll be sharing a few over the next week, and I'll be asking you dear reader-friends, to suggest which I should enter!

*Further evidence that I am turning into my mother. She has some bird-related decor that I may have smirked at in the past. I'm thinking this is my modern interpretation of her affection for our winged friends. You know what they say...."birds of a feather..."

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  1. Let me just say that my mom redecorated my bedroom back home and I now call it "the bird room". Birds on the comforter, birds on the pillow, birds on the wall!