Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mad about "Mad Men"

Second only to my love for Downton Abbey is my mad crush on Mad Men. If you're a fellow fan we can all raise our high ball glasses to the return of Don and the gang this coming Sunday! Personally, I feel it's been far too long (17 months to be exact), but they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In anticipation of the 2-hour premier, I've rounded up some Mad Men eye-candy for ya. Aren't I the best!? 

Let's start with set design, shall we?

Mmmm....the 60's never looked so good! Retro is back and there are some seriously gorgeous design elements that you should think about bringing into your home. My personal fave is that tufted velvet headboard. But let us not overlook the grasscloth in the Draper's living room, nor the chairs in Don's office, nor the lovely geometric fabric on Don and Betty's new high-backed arm chairs. And let's not forget the comeback that the coral and navy color combo is making these days.  Here's another headboard shot, partially because I want you to love it as much as me, and partially so we can all reminisce about Don and Betty and the good ole' days of their hot-and-cold marriage. 

Elle Decor shared some lovely spaces that incorporate retro elements while maintaining a fresh, modern feel in its "Still Mad About Mad Men" slide show. 

Here are some faboosh retro/mod pieces (pictured in immense disproportion) that you can incorporate into your home today!
Crate & Barrel Ankara Chair, West Elm Sutton Sofette, Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair
But we all know set design is just one part of Mad Men's appeal. Beautiful people in stunning ensembles bring the best of retro fashion back for us to feast our eyes on.

Now for some stylish retro fashion picks...

And the superlative for "Most Changed Over Summer Break" goes to Keirnan Shipka, i.e. Sally Draper. You may remember her like this: 
But little girl no more. Should I be shocked? Jealous? (Can I publicly admit to being jealous of a 12 year old's tousled locks and Versace wardrobe?) Either way, the times they are a-changin' for Sally Draper.

Also, the Mad Men cast hit up the Today Show this AM to dish on Season 5.

Do excuse me while I go chain smoke cigarettes in anticipation of Sunday night. 

*Photos located via Google searches for "Mad Men Set," "Mad Men Cast," "Sally Draper." No photos belong to Middle Maintenance.

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