Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seeing Spring

Here's another design board I created using Olioboard for the Zinc Door Spring Color contest. Has anyone visited Olioboard to check it out yet? A lot of the boards on the site have a lot going on, but I prefer to keep the design board simple. I think this allows you to focus on specific elements, as opposed to not knowing where to look. My fave colors are green and blue, and I love incorporating the colors into my own home. I think this room is springy and cheerful, while maintaining a neutral feel. Obviously, I need this living room on the double! Now who wants to give me some money so I make this board come to life!? :)

While I am loving shopping in dream-land using the sourced objects from amazing interiors retailers like Zinc Door, I definitely don't think it's realistic for most budgets to purchase every item for your room from these sources. Much like your closet, there are pieces to spend on and pieces to save on. Make your dollars count for major pieces like a beautiful rug or stunning upholstered armchair. Save some money on pillows, lamps and a wall mirror by searching  Home Goods, Target and Etsy for beautiful room accessories at a fraction of the cost.  Next week I'll feature a "the look for less" post, to offer you more affordable versions of the elements featured in my contest entries.

Almost the weekend! Hooray!

P.S. Sending some bloglovin' to my original bestie, my sister S, on her birthday! I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished, and I know that this year will bring her even more adventure and success. xoxo
"A sister is the kind of friend you would travel far to find, only she's been standing beside you all along."
Lucky me. I have three.

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  1. I wish there was an "after" picture of how your hair looked after sleeping in those foam rollers! Better yet, I want to know why you were sleeping in foam rollers? What was your mother thinking!? Also, Jules, I love the Swatch watch you are wearing in the pic.