Friday, March 30, 2012

Casual Friday

Welcome to Casual Friday: Outerwear Edition! Here in the midwest we sort of went from winter-coat-to-no-coat faster than you can say "my allergies are acting up!" I'm personally very big on enjoying each season at the appropriate time of year, so I was not really up for skipping straight to summer weather. Luckily, the temps have cooled down a bit, and we're enjoying cool mornings, pleasant days and cooler evenings in true spring style this week! As such, I thought I'd share some lightweight (and fun!) seasonal outerwear.

1. Miranda Dinner Indigo Roses Jacket, Milly $495.00 (know who NEEDS to do a Target collection? Milly.)
2. Constructed Swing Coat, Anthropologie $198.00
3. Water Repellent Short Trench Coat, Target $44.99 (assorted colors available)
4. Lemongrass is always Greener, Modcloth $74.99
5. Gallery Single Breasted Memory Trench Coat, Nordstrom $109.90 (also in cobalt!)
6. Sunset Stripe Jacket, Modcloth $84.99
7. Michael Kors Safari Anorak, Nordstrom $128.00
8. Belted Long Trench Coat, Target $49.99 (assorted colors available)

And the grand finale of budget-friendly-yet-stylish outwear this season!? The Mossimo Rain Anorak from Target. Get it in polka (my fave) or solid or patterned for $34.99! Seriously, reader-friends. You want this coat!
Polka Dot Rain AnorakTarget $34.99 (navy and yellow available too!)
Solid Rain Anorak, Target $34.99 (also in black)
Floral Print Anorak, Target, $34.99 

It's so cute, even Anthro is selling it! ;)
Anthropologie Rain-dotted Anorak, $168

I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend with some brunching, some antique-sale picking, some hiking, some wine-ing and some cooking in good company! T.G.I.F reader-friends! xo, Jules

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