Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suede Sensation

So guys, I recently bought these Steven by Steven Madden Pembrook booties off of Piperlime. Adorbs, no?

I was inspired to purchase said booties by one of mah fave girl crushes + fashion bloggers, Kendi, who starting sporting them last fall. At first, I wasn't sure I could pull them off or if suede booties were advisable for a girl who spills frequently and rarely checks the weather (rain + suede = bad). Add on a $129.00 price tag, and I put my Pembrook bootie dreams on hold.  I kept my eye on them, however, and they recently dropped to $79.00 on Piperlime. "I can swing $79.00 + 15% discount for signing up for emails from Piperlime + free shipping!" I said to myself. And so I became the proud owner of the suede beauts (hooray!). 

girl crush Kendi + bootie crush Pembrook
(all photos via Kendi Everyday)
(yes, I pinned (follow me on Pinterest) these images (all stalker-like) for style inspiration upon my purchase. so sue me.)

Now, the issue of ruining my suede booties remained at forefront of all my thoughts whilst I wore them, rather hindering the joy of my purchase. So the final step on my path to Pembrook perfection was to protect these fellas from the elements. I purchased some Kiwi Suede and Nubuck spray at Target, and despite outrageously simple instructions, contemplated calling my mother to talk me through this process. However, I overcame my fears (what if I sprayed too closely to the shoes and they got speckled stains from the aerosol!?), put on my big-girl pants and got to work! Turns out this actually is idiot-proof.

Take your suede protector, some old newspaper or packaging, and head to a well-venhilated spot. In my case, this was my front yard. Hold the canister about 6 to 8 inches away from shoes and spray thoroughly. 

Once you're done, set the shoes somewhere safe and allow them to dry. Repeat the process the next day (two coats required) for proper protection. As a bonus tip, I would recommend putting tissue paper inside of the shoe while spraying to keep any moisture from getting inside...whoops! Regardless, I'm now safely wearing my booties about town and will let you know how the suede holds up. Look for an outfit shot or two to show you how I'm styling these guys up soon.

Do you have any suede in your closet that could use protection?

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