Monday, February 20, 2012

Painted Furniture: The Trend Lives!

Some fancy "tastemakers" at Elle Decor recently dubbed "brightly lacquered Hollywood Regency furniture" one of the worst trends of 2011. Says decorator Mary MacDonald, “I think we all have seen enough garage-sale junk sprayed in high-gloss Skittles colors to last through the next century.” 

One of my favorite design bloggers, Emily A. Clark, did a great post addressing this comment last week. In Emily's words, "Oh dear.  Can I just tell you how much satisfaction it gives me to actually find a great piece of “garage-sale junk” and paint it a bright color?"

Bravo, Emily! While I've yet to attempt a "garage-sale junk" project of my own (...wait for it), I've certainly admired the handiwork of others. I mean, look at these beauts! 

House of Fifty via Emily A. Clark
Design Sponge
Natty by Design via Emily A. Clark
Southern Living via From the Right Bank
And so, without further adieu, may I present my very own (small + manageable first attempt) piece of garage-sale junk which I shall paint a bright and jazzy color - and no one at Elle Decor shall deter me! 

I really like the lines of this little end table, which was left in the Home-Alone-esque basement of my rental. I've lived here for well over a year, and this guy has been chillin' in the corner the whole time. I'm taking a whole "finders keepers" approach and transforming this table into a piece to love!

So now all the remains is 1) What color to paint him? (Yep, it's a him) and 2) How to do this? Luckily, I'm pretty internet savvy, (read: addicted to design & DIY blogs) so I'm already reading-up on all the how-to's I can get my hands on. Deciding on the color, however, is proving more difficult. I'm pulling inspiration from the photos below.

Domino via A Thousand Laughing Starfish 
Don't the stools at the foot of this bed remind you of him (my end table, that is)? This classic Domino photo of a Miles Redd room makes me think peacock blue is his destiny!

House Beautiful
But then the gorgeous (seriously, I die over this kitchen) cabinets in this delicious green kitchen (and just the entire green-themed March issue of House Beautiful) make me think, "green! it must be green!"

But then this stunning peacock blue table from Elle Decor and this cute pair of blue end tables from InStyle make me lean back to blue!

So, dear readers (people are reading this, right?) GREEN or BLUE? 


  1. I love all of these pics and am a total sucker for painted furn too! Done well, it's unexpected and sophisticated in a sense that plain ol' store bought furn never can be.

    I'm heavily leaning toward blue . . . but could be swayed with more info. (ie where are you putting him? what other colors are already in the room?)

  2. Thanks for weighing in loyal reader-friend! I am definitely going with blue! I feel like the blue, while not necessary neutral, lends itself to more future uses than the green.

  3. Julie! I'm so excited you started a blog. Long time coming :)

    Your piece has amazing lines. What a lucky find! It would be gorg in either color, but I think you have more flexibility with the blue. Keep us posted with that you choose.

    Live Inspired,