Wednesday, February 29, 2012

diy Confetti Tablecloth

A few weeks ago I spotted this DIY Confetti Tablecloth created by Jordan of Oh Happy Day! Given my major weakness for polka dots, I pretty much decided I needed one of my own, on the double! (Please read "on the double!" with a British accent. It's more fun that way.) Now there is only a slight problemo with this scenario. While I consider myself crafty and creative, those qualities don't really manifest themselves as "artsy." Meaning this whole undertaking could quickly go from cute-tablecloth-DIY to smudgy-acrylic-cotton-mess in a hot sec. Luckily my uber-artsy-graphic-designer-extraordinare-BFF was easily suckered into helping me. (She's got a thing for polka dots too.)  Not to worry though. It turns out this is a simple DIY even the non-artsy should be able to tackle with ease (but it's still fun to undertake with a buddy).

You will need, wax paper, masking tape, a cotton tablecloth, a circle punch, cardstock, assorted paints (I used acrylic) and paintbrushes. I had paintbrushes, acrylic paints and masking tape at home, so I picked up a piece of posterboard, a fresh roll of wax paper and a cotton tablecloth at Target. (I believe I bought this one.) Make sure you wash your tablecloth and tumble dry on low before you start. I shook mine out right from the dryer (yah! no wrinkles!) and got to work.

First, Roll out wax paper on an open flat surface and secure with tape. Spread your tablecloth over wax paper, smooth and secure.
(In a perfect world, I would have a clean, well-lit, open space like Jordan, where I could document this process. But alas, welcome to my poorly-lit and often-scary rental basement.)
At this point, it would be useful NOT to have your landlord come into your crafty-space to put in a new water heater...
...luckily we had not started painting, so we were able to (somewhat) easily untape the edges and slide everything around the corner.  

Use your circle punch to create some stencils from your poster board. We felt that the circle punch didn't leave enough room for comfort on the edge, (we didn't want any paint to run over) so we carefully taped some of the scraps to build out that side.

Mix your paint colors, carefully tape down your stencils and start painting. TIP: Be sure to paint from the outside towards the center. You'll decrease your risk for smudges. (And nothing will give you greater anxiety than the prospect of smudges when you're painting circles on a tablecloth. Trust me.)

PROGRESS! I highly suggest tackling one color at a time. There isn't a method to the maddness as to where to place the circles. Just scatter them around the edges and try to space circles of the same color somewhat evenly. 

If you want to see a really cool "progress" view, go here to see Jordan's. Sorry I'm not all wizard-like with photoshop business.

When you're all done, your tablecloth should look like such:

Ta-Da! (Kindly overlook the shadows. Poorly-lit basement. Remember?)

Now think of a reason to have some people say an Oscar's viewing you can put your pretty, crafty handywork to use! Thanks to Jordan at Oh Happy Day for sharing this fun project! 
      This project was fun + not too complicated + not too time intensive! Try it yourself!                                                     


  1. So cute Jules! way to be artsy:)

  2. This is cute- I just saw it on oh happy day and saw the link to yours. does it wash okay? maybe i'm slow... but what's the purpose of the freezer paper?

    1. Hi Amy! The freezer paper is taped to the floor to create a safe surface area for you to work on. The paint will bleed through the table cloth! I haven't washed the tablecloth...only spot cleaned. I am a little nervous to wash it. Let me know if you make one! Definitely a fun project.