Friday, February 17, 2012

Casual Friday

One of the primary benefits of working at an ad agency is the dress code (or lack thereof). Laid back, casual attire is allowed any day of the week,  but I try to limit more casual looks to 1-2 days a week. (I mean, you can't really be underdressed when grown men ride around the office on Razor scooters, right?) 

If it's Friday, (TGIF!) I'm usually sporting a more laid back look. This Friday, I'm wearing (almost) the exact outfit below. My favorite, well-worn jeans, paired with comfy TOMS, a cute tee and a gray infinity scarf. My shirt is from the j.crew factory, with a very similar cut/style to the tee below and green and turquoise stripes. It's a little "springy" but so is weather here in Cincy today (sunny + 50 degrees!). I'm loving the comfy, but styled look of this ensemble, so I'll probably sport it again over the weekend for a visit to my fave coffee shop + errands! What's your go-to Casual Friday ensemble look like? 

Ash Canvas TOMS

gray infinity scarf (similar)

Happy Friday! 


  1. Love this pairing! All that's missing for me is my favorite navy/ roll-up sleeve blazer from the GAP.

    Question about the TOMS-- are they really, really as comfy as ppl say? I tried on the new flats in LA this weekend and they felt like a cardboard/ plaster mix on my precious little pigs. What gives?

  2. Hi Liz! Love your idea for adding a navy blazer to this ensemble! Tres chic, but still very much in the spirit of Casual Friday. As for the TOMS, the traditional canvas flats (pictured) are super comfortable, but I can't speak for any of the stylish ballet flats they've come out with recently. Thanks for reading! :)