Sunday, February 19, 2012


Brunching (verb): the act of eating brunch

Ah, to brunch. One of life’s most prefect pastimes. The leisurely pursuit of great food and greater company in the late morning or early afternoon hours of the weekend. A socially acceptable reason to have a cocktail at 11AM. What's not to love?

And nothing goes better with brunch than girlfriends. Today we brunched at Poco a Poco (that's "little by little" en espanol) and enjoyed bottomless mimosas, bloody mary's and delicious brunch entrees with a Latin twist! Bruch trifecta (great food + great friends + AM cocktails) achieved!

I enjoyed the french toast, which also came with two eggs, hash browns (I substituted them for the bacon listed on menu at no charge) and a side of fruit. Sweet and savory. If you're in Cincy, I highly recommend making Poco a Poco a brunch destination. 

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