Thursday, February 16, 2012


What exactly happens when “glamorous” and “gourmet” meets the everyday? I’m not specifically certain myself, but we’re about to find out.

I’ve often wondered (okay, I’ve never wondered until today, when I decided to start a blog) how people start a blog. But here I am, saying hello, dipping my toes in the blogosphere. I’ve been an avid observer of this phenomenon for several years, with a mile long list of blogs I visit on the reg*(ular).

I’ve considered, dreamed and thought about starting a blog for quite a while now.  So finally – after much internal angst along the lines of, “why would anyone care what I have to say?” or worse, “what if people think I have bad taste!?” – I’ve decided to indulge my often repressed, narcissistic side and present to you: Middle Maintenance!

Middle Maintenance is primarily for me, by me. A creative-writing-outlet-daily-lifestyle-blog-of-sorts, where I can post about things I love, like style, interior design, food, travel and history. I envision it being a bit of an intersection between the glossy pages of magazines and the reality we call our daily lives. What I mean is, in my head, I’m pretty sure I embody Martha Stewart’s homemaking abilities and Olivia Palermo’s style. In real life, I’m pretty sure I’m closer to Amelia Bedelia and Ugly Betty. This blog should find the happy middle ground that lies between.

P.S. check back soon for REAL posts & stay tuned for a snazzy, custom blog design!

*on this blog, we (that would be me and my likeminded reader-friends…once I get them) are pretty avid users of “the abbrev,” meaning, we use lots of abbreviations. If you find the use of abbrevs (on the reg) offensive, we would suggest not adding Middle Maintenance to your blogroll. (seriously, goodbye.)

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  1. Soo excited to follow Middle Maintenance-- I can tell you are just the sort of boss lady meets bestie that I ought to be listening to!

    <3, your first reg reader-friend