Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

Amidst the flurry of pre-Oscar talk last week, I briefly thought about having the girls over for a little Oscars viewing party. It's always better to be in good company while taking in all the glamour of the evening. Not to mention, it's much more fun to judge what everyone is wearing with others. Well like I said, I thought about it, but inviting, organizing, planning etc. seemed a little daunting.

Then this post from What I Wore on Friday gave me just the motivation I needed! I appreciated the reminder that it's actually not that hard to invite your friends over to eat snacks and lay around. Exhibit A: the invite. Not hard.

I immediately received a flurry of enthusiastic responses and it was on! I picked up some (super cheap!) party supplies and favors on a Saturday Target run and some goodies at Trader Joe's on Sunday. I put a tablecloth over my desk and spent less than a half hour transforming it into the food + beverage station. I snapped a few pics before my guests arrived and filled the table with chips, dip and treats! 

Popcorn + old time popcorn containers (Target dollar aisle), crazy straws, star sunglasses and fun plates (Target party aisles) added some fun to the party!

We loved the suggestion of using this form to vote on the awards before the show! It makes the announcement of each category (even the obscure) exciting. LaCroix and an assortment of teas we're our beverages of choice for the evening. (Isn't my handwriting so good!?)



We used these wine charms from Crate & Barrel (thanks, Santa!) to keep our crazy straws/drinks straight! 

Dress code: PJ's!

In the end, all the little touches made the evening fun, but I hardly needed them to enjoy myself with these lovely ladies! 

(obligatory Oscars post dissecting wardrobe choices not forthcoming. Giuliana said all the good stuff already. P.S. Can we talk about when "The Dictator" poured ashes all over Ryan Seacrest?! Awkward.)

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  1. Adorbs-- especially love the little popcorn buckets!! Great way to show that it doesn't take much time/ $$ to put together a fun evening.